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Aloe Ferox

Aloe ferox is a species of aloe indigenous to South Africa's Western and Eastern Cape provinces. It is found on rocky hills, in grassy fynbos and on the edges of the Karoo.

Aloe Ferox Appearance

Aloe ferox may differ physically from area to area due to local conditions, but its leaves are often thick and fleshy, arranged in rosettes, with reddish-brown spines on the margins and smaller spines on the upper and lower surfaces. Its flowers are orange or red and stand between 0.6 and 1.2m (2 and 4 feet) above the leaves. Aloe ferox can grow up to 3m (10 feet) in height.

Aloe Ferox Harvesting

The Aloe ferox plants used to make our products are sourced from local suppliers in the Karoo region. All plants are harvested in the wild using sustainable methods, and we aim to maintain the highest levels of health and hygiene to ensure our customers of a safe product.

Schibuna Aloe follows the traditional method of harvesting, as follows: